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I’m Nanna Bach Munkholm

Female Tech Entrepreneur

Sharing my lessons learned so you can get started


Do you want to create your own wordpress website with a custom domain name? 


Follow along into my world of Flutter development.

About Me

I’m a self-taught developer, that loves tech and wants to share my passion, so hopefully more women will become Tech Entrepreneurs in the future.

I have a background as a Construction Engineer, but is today a Software pilot at Trifork where I work with Google’s Dialogflow and Angular applications.

I want to share my journey with you, as I hope it will inspire you to become a developer or even a Tech Entrepreneur.

Because it’s never too late to get a career within tech. 

I started my journey as a construction engineer, but later I found out that it was the passion for creating and seeing something form that inspired me. With code you get instant feedback – I remember clearly, the first time I added my first button to a website, it was like this big black box suddenly opened and I was immediately in love with Tech. 

In 2020 I graduated in Technology based Business Development with specialization in Machine Learning and have since been CTO and co-founder of  DecorRaid a Danish Tech Startup and today I’m the co-founder and CTO of the Aarhus based AI startup Roccai.

Coding language

Python is the first coding language I learned. I use it for Machine Learning, data handling and data visualization.

Flutter is for developing cross platform apps. We build DecorRaid Swipeshop app in Flutter. I have been using it since December 2019.

To build our first DecorRaid Swipeshop we used Angular. The framework consist of html, css and typescript.

Quotes that inspire me

Great things never came from comfort zones

By Sherry List

Start before you are ready

By Marie Forleo

Even if you don’t succeed, at least you’ll have learned a lot

By Jess Lee