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Danish tech entrepreneur

Artificial Intelligens can put together the board of directors in the agriculture

Disclaimer the article is in Danish. “Kunstig intelligens skal sammensætte landbrugets bestyrelser”

Making it as a women in denmark

Making it as a woman in Denmark

All the others were men… There were people making apps and VR games, which fascinated me a lot. Suddenly I realised that I could obtain the tools to make something more..

kvindelig tech iværksætter The Kitchen

From Construction Engineer to CTO

Disclaimer the article is in Danish. Interiør-iværksætter og bygningsingeniør: ”Studiet gav mig en ubrydelig tro på mig selv”

tech savvy article about female tech entrepreneur

Couldn’t find a CTO, so she learned to code her own Machine Learning algorithm.

Disclaimer the article is in Danish. Nanna kunne ikke finde en CTO til sit startup. Derfor lærte hun selv at kode sin Machine Learning-algoritme