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Being an entrepreneur often means wearing multiple hats throughout the day. To effectively manage these roles, you’ll need efficient tools. The internet offers a plethora of resources designed to simplify your life. Why not take advantage of them? Here, I share my top tools that I rely on every day in my startup journey. I’ve categorized them into four crucial roles: CEO, CFO, CMO, and CTO. You might be familiar with these abbreviations. These are significant areas, and as an entrepreneur, you’ll need to master these roles before considering outsourcing to specialists.


Empower Your Directorship


Master Your Finances with the Best Tools


Connect Efficiently with Your Audience


Elevate Your Tech Leadership 

Chief Executive Officer


When working in a team you need a tool to organize tasks between teammates. I’m a really big fan of ClickUp as it can be used in every department. In Roccai we use it for our sales pipeline, marketing calender, bugs and SCRUM management. Furthermore it has dashboards and a well document API to setup automations.


A free tool for organizing task in your startup is Trello. We use this tool for development tasks as we can add all the new features we come up with and priortize them. Furthermore, it’s easy to invite new team members and extern developers if needed.


Google Drive

As you start your own company, you will quikly create many documents, that’s why we use Google Drive. The smart think is that we can all work in the same document. I especially like using Google Sheets and Google Slides for our budgets and pitchdecks as they are updated often.

Chief Finansial Officer

Dinero logo


When starting a business you need to take care of financial accounting. For this you can hire an accountant or do it yourself. With a tool like Dinero you can easily do it yourself and safe the money for more important tasks. Dinero is a Danish Company, but your country may have something similar.

Cash flow budget

One of the first things you should start with is setting up a cash flow budget. With this budget you can plan what you need of cash to keep your business alive and when you need a new cashflow to expand your runway. You can find a link to a cash flow budget (in Danish Likviditetsbudget) by tapping on this section.

Keystones valuation of your company


As an entrepreneur you will encounter the impossible task of valuation your business. This is a really difficult task, but Keystones have made a tool that can send you in the right direction. Sadly the questionary is only in Danish.

Chief Marketing Officer


Canva is really an amazing tool for creating beautiful content for social media or your website. We use it daily as it’s free and you can upload your own images to make yout content look professional without any prior styling skills.

Make PNG transparent

This tool can safe you from a lot of frustration. At this website you can upload an image and choose which part of the image should be transparent.

PNG Fuel

Want to decorate you images and make your content stand out? Then, have a look at pngfuel. Here you will find cool icons, images and more with transparent background.

Round corners on image

Sometimes you just wants your image to have round corners, but how..Luckily there is a tool for that, where you just upload you image and define the radius. Super smart.



Wanna make your own animations, then Rive is your tool. I stubled apon this website as I wanted to have animations in my unboarding guide. It’s easy to learn and the files are optimized for usage in the programming framework Flutter.



If you are looking for cool free illstrations then checkout

Chief Technology Officer



Firebase is a valuable asset for CTOs seeking a powerful toolset. Firebase serves as a versatile backend, offering robust authentication for app or web login, as well as robust analytics tracking capabilities. Its intuitive user interface empowers CTOs to gain insights into their company’s backend, facilitating the implementation of innovative features such as notifications, A/B split testing and ML models.



Figma isn’t just a design tool; it’s a game-changer for the tech team. With seamless integration into Visual Studio Code, Figma accelerates your development process. Plus, it provides all the essential design information, streamlining implementation for you and your developers. Stay ahead in tech with Figma.


Let’s revisit the indispensable tool that has become my tech team’s secret weapon – ClickUp. ClickUp boasts an impressive array of templates designed for efficient management of sprints, backlogs, bug tracking, and test cases. This feature simplifies future planning, goal sharing, and progress tracking for your team, all without the need for time-consuming meetings. Discover why ClickUp is the ultimate tool for your tech team’s success here.

I hope you found the tools usefull and they can help you to become a more efficient entrepreneur. I will be happy to hear from you, if you use other tools that can help fellow entrepeneurs reach their dream. Contact mere here.

I will be updating this site frequently, whenever I find new tools for the busy entrepreneur.

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